Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of an account or a service must be done in writing before the last five working days of your current billing month, in which case you will only be liable for the remainder of that month (including any call charges incurred during that month).

Acceptable written forms of cancellation request are:

A request for cancellation is only valid once we have confirmed acceptance of the request. We respond to all requests for cancellation within 24 hours of receipt.

If we receive a cancellation request later than 7 days before the end of your billing month, you will incur charges for the following month.

If you have paid for services beyond when we have billed you for, as stated above, we will give a full refund of the remaining balance, so long as the amount exceeds £3 (GBP).

We may have promotions from time to time. These promotions may have separate refund policies associated with them. In this event, we will clearly advise you in communucations.

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