How It Works

We have tried to simplify the whole process as much as possible. All you have to do is just sign up to Prison Telecom and leave rest of the work for our team.

How it works? We will generate a new and unique geographical landline number and link this number to your current mobile number. Be assured nothing will be changed to your current mobile number and no extra charges will incur by you from your mobile service provider even if you are on contract or if you are on pay as you go. It's just a new number sitting by your normal mobile number. You will be able to receive calls from both numbers on your single device as usual.

Calls to landlines are lot cheaper than mobiles, and this is definitely the case with all prisons. Call to mobile from most UK prisons can cost between up to 40 pence a minute, whereas, landline call will cost just under between 8 to 9 pence a minute.

So, although calling on a mobile means there are more chances of reaching out the loved ones but in long term it’s not economical way to communicate on regular basis. So if you are willing to foot the extra bill and share the calling cost then you can set up an account with us and an inmate can reach you anywhere and whenever but will only pay landline rate.

In order to provide you with your new landline number, we have to make some small charges to cover our costs. We charge £ 0.99 one of connection charge each number and there of £1.99 to £ 2.99 per month per line (rate depends upon number of lines activated under each account) And we charge between 3 to 7 pence per minute for calls you receive (depending upon your package and promotion applied).

Overall, you can make great savings - have a look at our packages to see just how much you can save for your inmate. If you're ready to get started, you can sign up and try the service.

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